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Consent & Sex Talk for Parents 

Sex isn’t a dirty word and neither should it be! After all, we’ve all done it (might not have enjoyed it every time, mind you!) Ignoring talking to your kids about it though really is foolish. Why? Because they’re curious and if you don’t talk to them about it, then rest assured, other people might and they might not be learning about it quite the way you’d like them to!


We understand it’s awkward for some people and that’s why we created Sex Talk! The videos take the sting out the conversation for you, opening the door for time sensitive discussions that no-one will regret having.

How many times have you heard people say ‘no-one talked to me about sex growing up’. Change the script for your kids, step up, be brave and show your kids they matter by respecting them enough to have the conversation. The discussion starters have been designed to help, in tandem with the videos. I challenge you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Who knows, you might even learn something yourself. I know I did!