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Technology at School

Are you looking for safe and effective ways to talk to your kids?

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Online Professional Development

Time to upskill, expand your knowledge, and get some expert guidance on what to say and what not to say when it comes to delivering some of the more tricky topics to a younger audience?


Perfect! You're in the right place. After you finish this training, you'll have all the tips, tools, and language you need to successfully and confidently empower and support young people to better navigate their more often than not, tumultuous pre-teen and teen years. 

Who's it designed for?

  • Wellbeing coordinators

  • Welfare coordinators

  • Years advisors

  • Pastoral care coordinators

  • School counselors

  • School nurses

  • PDHPE teachers

  • Teachers of Health and PE

  • Anyone in a youth mentoring role

Which age groups does it cover?

  • Primary, Years 5-6

  • Secondary, Years 7-10

What's included

  • How to have these conversations safely

  • Dos and Don'ts

  • Considerations when talking about these topics

  • Videos

  • Activities

  • Links to further reading and learning

Professional Teaching Standards

  • Australian: 2.1/3.4

  • NSW: 2.1.2/3.2.2/3.4.2

Length: 35-50mins each

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