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Talk Revolution Podcast - welcome to the Revolution!

Onboarding info and Questionnaire

The content at Talk Revolution targets teachers (PDHPE mostly) and parents (90% mothers) who are interested in how to have difficult conversations with their children/students, parenting/teacher tips and tricks, and all things social, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

We bring together incredibly interesting people, ranging from experts in their niche field to people who are living life beyond the status quo in the quest for healthier, happier kids. The aim is to make your episode highly educational and actionable for the audience, something like a “101” course in your domain.

The format is a free-flow conversation on the topic we agreed upon — very flexible and friendly, with a few rapid-fire questions to end the show. The time goal for the entire episode is about 30-40 minutes.


The Interview

  • We’ll chat for a bit on Zoom first, then record the episode for about 30-40 minutes. In total, please set aside an hour to talk.

  • The format of the show itself is just a couple of passionate folks having a conversation, and the audience is lucky enough to be at the table next to us listening in ;)

  • Don’t worry about fluffing up your responses. We edit the podcasts afterward so everyone sounds as smooth as chocolate.

  • We’ll introduce the show, topic, and you, and then we’ll just chat, until we wrap it up. (It’s actually much easier to talk for 30 minutes than you’d think.)

The Hardware

  • To join: Please use a desktop/laptop. Simply open the link provided to you, in our email, in Chrome or Firefox.  We’ll be recording over Zoom. We’ll call you at the scheduled time (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

  • Audio: Try to eliminate noise and distractions. Turn off sounds on your phone. The general recommendation is to speak slower: we all tend to go really fast, like the time is running out (and it’s actually not). Try to relax and be yourself: the format is very free-form, friendly, and forgiving.

  • Microphone: A separate microphone is preferred but earbud/mic combos (SmartPhone headphones with built in mic - NOT earpods, they need a cord) are fine if not. In order to prevent audio leakage to the mic, please keep your earphone volume turned down to a low but comfortable setting. Ensure you haven’t got a neck scarf/collar muffling the mic if you use earbuds.

  • Headphones: Headphones are best when recording with Zoom to ensure that each voice is isolated in the final recording.

Please complete the following details and submit

At The End

Once the conversation has finished, we'll finish the podcast with our Rapid Fire Questions:

  • What's the most difficult conversation you've had to have with your kids?

  • What piece of advice do you wish someone had told you about having awkward conversations?

  • What creates resilience in a child?

  • What is your current favourite book and why?

Once we stop recording, please stay and leave the browser window open.

Other Things

  • Sharing on social media and email: We will send you the links when the podcast goes live, and would like for you to share across your social platforms and via email. Please let us know in advance if this isn’t possible.

Free Sample Form - Parent
Please complete the following details and submit

Thanks for submitting. Looking forward to chatting soon!

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