Do you ever wish someone told you as a kid that 'good is good enough'?

Yesterday was a big day for me. Tough conversations with my 17 year old daughter about her future and then a lightbulb moment after watching the infamous Anh Do live on stage.

Here’s a synopsis of what happened:

It was around 4pm, the afternoon light was streaming through the window and we all gathered eagerly to have a chat about our daughter’s future. Us as the wise, experienced and fully ‘woke’ parents that we are, and our daughter waiting excitedly to hear what nuggets of gold we had to shower upon her, hanging on our every word. Wait, back up, sorry, that’s what I ‘imagined’ happening. This is how it actually went down:

It was awkward. She clearly didn't want to be there and I could see her smouldering with resentment. So, being the emotionally switched on adults that we are, we decided to ignore all the signs and carried on regardless - walking straight into the lion’s den.

What we thought to be a supportive and caring conversation, was perceived very differently by our daughter and she had no problem letting us know!

She was very cle