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Just like you, I want the best for my kids. I understand that the teenage years are tricky and turbulent for most, to say the least. I had a challenging time growing up myself, surrounded by drugs and alcohol, experienced sexual abuse, suffered with an eating disorder and sadly lost my brother at 19 to suicide. I guess that’s my big ‘WHY’ marketers bang on about behind Talk Revolution.


I now have kids of my own and wanted to show them something different to what I experienced. So I decided to create a unique and authentic way of closing the gap and deepening the connection between us as they entered their teens. To find a way to  communicate with them about a myriad of topics that was relatable and that they’d actually take notice of. I wanted them to enjoy these years the way they’re supposed to, all the while knowing I’d done all I could to empower them with the information they needed to make positive and informed choices along the way. I’m not a child psychologist and I don’t profess to know everything. I do know though, that by being vulnerable and genuinely showing up for my kids and speaking to them with respect and from the heart in a way that they can understand, has created a bond that I am truly proud of. I hope Talk Revolution brings you and your kids the same joy.

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Dr. Mike



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Peter achieved an MBA from the Melbourne Business School/Stern Business School (New York University) and enjoyed a career in IT and telecommunications. He then founded an Events Management business in Melbourne, which he ran successfully for many years.


He moved to Noosa in 2010 where he was a founding member of Business Mentoring Noosa (BMN), helping businesses achieve their potential. He was President of CCIQ Noosa (Noosa Chamber of Commerce) and the founder, inaugural Festival Director, and a past President of the Noosa International Film Festival (NIFF).


Over 6 weeks in May- June 2019 he had the life-changing privilege of walking the 780km (480 miles) Camino Francés (Spanish Camino).


He values integrity; is passionate, determined, compassionate, pragmatic, agile, and resilient.


Peter is inspired by the potential of Talk Revolution to help change lives.

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Christine’s mantra is ‘be passionate about everything that you do and never stop learning’. Taking up a challenge at age 12 to improve a schoolfriend’s English results ignited in Christine an entrepreneurial spirit that would guide her through life.

Helping her friend achieve top marks and avoid certain failure, provided her with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and the knowledge that if you combine effort and learning you can achieve almost anything. It led to her enjoying a successful career in hotel management; the finance sector as Head of HR with global responsibility for over 500 staff and; the property industry where she established her own development company.

She furthered her love of travel by establishing an importing company to service the wholesale and retail business she had created and more recently she turned a disease diagnosis into an opportunity to co-author a book on auto-immune disease.

It is no surprise that Christine’s latest passion is  a suite of educational programs to help teachers and parents guide their children through difficult subjects. 

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Expert Contributors

I certainly couldn’t manage this task solo, so I enlisted the help of the best in the

business. It means you’re assured of safe, age-appropriate, trusted content and I’m thrilled to introduce our expert HPE Teachers to you.



Janice Atkin has worked as a curriculum consultant

for the past 16 years, initially with the NSW

Department of Education and the Australian

Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

(ACARA) more recently as a freelance consultant

with a range of government and not-for-profit


Her projects have included the development of curriculum for Health and Physical Education at

a national level, in NSW and she also managed the development of the HPE curriculum for Abu Dhabi.

She has led the development of numerous teacher resources and provided curriculum support

and professional development to departments, schools and teachers across Australia. In

January 2020 she took on the role of Professional Learning Officer with ACHPER NSW.

In her free time she is also pretending to be a farmer ….

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Hi! My name is Rebecca Clisdell and I have been teaching PDHPE for the past 17 years. I started at Thomas Hassall Anglican College, Middle Grange, as a ‘fresh out’ teacher and steadily progressed to faculty head.


Currently, I am the Head of PDHPE and Secondary Sport at Oran Park Anglican College, where I have had the joy of growing and developing PDHPE since the Secondary College started in 2014. I love our subject: it’s real life! Seeing teenagers engage with the world around them and empowering each student to make positive life choices that enables them to be vibrant members of our community is such a privilege!

When I am not teaching, you will find me playing sport with my Husband, Michael, and Son, Daniel and sometimes our dog, Bomber! I also enjoy leading my Churches Youth Group on Friday night (as if I haven’t had enough of teenagers by then ), riding my horses, listening to music, enjoying coffee with friends and reading a good book!



Veronica Brogden completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Physical Education/Recreation) and Diploma of Education (PDHPE) at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst in 1995. She has had a wide range of experience teaching PDHPE in NSW Independent and Catholic Primary schools since 1995. Veronica has been actively involved in the sports domain all her life as a competitor, coach, manager and convenor at all levels from local to international.

Veronica is currently an ACHPER NSW board member and is involved at a State level in presenting workshops and developing educational resources for Primary PDHPE. She thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to assist teachers in developing PDHPE programs that assist students in developing the skills to navigate their way through life. When not involved in the education, Veronica enjoys being a Scout Leader and most importantly, a mother to her 5 children.



Clare Roden is a highly experienced PDHPE teacher,
Head Teacher, HSC Marker and presenter, who has
worked in schools for 15 years. She has taught and
developed resources and professional learning for PDHPE
7-10, elective PASS and Stage 6 PDHPE and CAFS at a
state level for ACHPER NSW.


She has been a Professional Teachers’ Council (PTC
NSW) representative on NESA reference groups for
PDHPE Curriculum development K – 12.


Clare is currently working as a Sessional Lecturer for
Health and Physical Education (Primary and Secondary)
and Pedagogy (Secondary) within the School of Education
at the University of Wollongong and is ACHPER NSW Vice President.



My name is Lucy Rothquel and I am a PDHPE Teacher from
Ulladulla High School on the South Coast of NSW. I completed my studies and began my teaching career in Sydney. I've now been teaching for 6 years and have taught Years 7-12.


I have a keen interest in programming and resources
development in PDHPE. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues
and learning from their expertise and diverse backgrounds.

I've been heavily involved in leading the development and
implementation of the new PDHPE syllabus at UHS and have
worked with our team to create engaging and meaningful
teaching and learning.



Dr Armour joined NICM Health Research Institute in 2016 as a
postdoctoral research fellow working in the area of women's health. His background is a mixture of western and eastern medicine, having completed an honours degree in Biomedicine before training as a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.


He started his research career in 2001, as a summer scholar working on cardiovascular biophysics at the Faculty of Medicine in Auckland, New Zealand. While studying acupuncture Dr Armour then worked as a research assistant serving the largest district health board population in New Zealand at the Waitemata District Health Board, involved in a range of health related research, with a specific focus on complementary and integrative medicine. He tutored at the Faculty of Medicine for several years, and more recently at the NZ School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from 2010-2016, specialising in research methodology. Dr Armour also ran a busy clinical practice at The Body Workshop, specialising in women's health.



Hi! My name is Ashleigh Nottage. I attended the University of Sydney completing a Bachelor of Education specialising in Human Movement and Health Education. I am a passionate PDHPE and CAFS teacher, who has been working at Ravenswood School for Girls over the past eight years.


I have taught from K-10 in PDHPE and the Stage 6 CAFS course. I have a keen interest in programming and resource
development in PDHPE. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues
and learning from their expertise and diverse backgrounds.

I have developed a strong interest in programming and creating lessons that engage students. With a particular focus on mental health, student wellbeing, and tackling sensitive topics to promote open discussion. I really enjoy PDHPE as a subject, it is relevant to all students and engages with real-life events.

It has been amazing to collaborate with colleagues in the creation of these resources. The topics can be challenging but the more we discuss them the better the future will be for our students.

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Samantha Dunk completed a Bachelor of Health Science (PDHPE) and a Masters of Secondary Education before starting her PDHPE teaching career in 2015. She has taught K-12 in a variety of public and private, primary and high schools in the Central West, allowing her to gain experience teaching students in a range of developmental stages and from all walks of life.

She has lead the creation, development, and implementation of whole-school programs with the aim to increase the focus on the importance of Health and PE in the primary setting.


Since returning to secondary schooling Sam is working with the PDHPE team to build the profile of sport and health studies within the small country school.

Sam has a passion for teaching health concepts that develop students' real-world knowledge and equip individuals with lifelong skills that will enhance both the students' wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around them.


Creative Contributors

Then there’s some of the most hardworking, professional and generous creative geniuses I’ve come across who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the highest production values are adhered to, whilst delivering you content that is user friendly and highly engaging.



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Casey is a television producer with a decade of experience in content development and production. She practices audience-first thinking, specialises in factual content and is an expert in communicating complex topics.

Casey’s expertise in creating content for children was developed during her five years working on sister shows Scope and Totally Wild, where she wrote and produced hundreds of stories. During her career, Casey has worked for both Network 10 and the Nine Network producing documentary, children’s, and science television, as well as for the digital platform Australia’s Science Channel as a content creator, video producer, and contributing editor.


She currently runs her own video production business, Tame Fox Productions, where she makes everything from corporate videos to documentaries to music videos. She continues to for freelance for broadcasters and production companies on television and film projects.




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Henry has lived on the Sunshine Coast since 1995,
originally from the UK. Since being on the coast he
has worked for local, national and international
businesses. An experienced photographer and
videographer, he has also worked professionally in
audio production. Henry is a passionate creative
with an eye for technical excellence, and this is
represented strongly in his creative style.




With a background In Creative advertising and

graphic design I am passionate about creating and

curating visuals. I graduated from Queensland

College of Art before heading to London for almost a

decade. Working most of the time as a freelance

designer at various studios and advertising

companies I found myself moving with a team of

incredible creatives.

Never a dull moment, everything was an adventure. I

spent my spare time traveling and fuelling my

curiosity about the world and the wonders in it.

Returning to Australia I decided to share my

experience and join the motivated design students of the Sunshine Coast. I love sharing ideas and visions with others and believe my strengths lie in the conceptual side of projects. Whilst I constantly draw inspiration from the people around me, I am always learning and never short of a challenge. I’ve come the full circle and recently enrolled in

a Masters of Design at QCA. I now find myself with a fourth occupation - Designer, Teacher, Parent and student.



Alison is a marketing communications strategist and content writer with more than a decade of experience.

Alison is passionate about business for positive change and works with purpose-driven businesses and experienced entrepreneurs to increase their influence and build community.

Her practical, customer-centric approach helps her clients to translate big ideas into clear, marketing outcomes and create meaningful content and digital products that connect and


Based on the Sunshine Coast, Alison runs her own creative communications consultancy, Alison Jane Communications. 



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