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Suicide and Self Harm Talk for Teachers

Recent statistics published by Headspace show around eight children and young people die by suicide each week in Australia. According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies around one in ten self-harm during their teenage years. This loss of life means that the topic is too important not to talk about, but parents and teachers are often concerned that talking about suicide or self-harm may put ideas in young, impressionable minds. These resources have been created specifically with this concern in mind.


As teachers, you have a unique relationship with young people and are often among the first people to notice when young people are going through a tough time emotionally. When you purchase Suicide and Self Harm Talk, you’ll receive an easy to follow, grab and go, classroom ready comprehensive Health program. The supporting material has been written by

HPE Teachers, in line with the National and State HPE Curriculums and each program includes all the material you need to deliver well thought out and effective lessons. Including detailed teachers resources, lesson plans, activities and supporting videos presented by kids, for kids.