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Alcohol Talk for Parents

There are plenty of people out there who will answer your kids’ questions about alcohol or listen to them if you don’t. The problem is, that they may be friends who are as confused as they are. Or there might be websites or people who could lead them astray.

Saying nothing or evading the issue altogether, doesn’t mean the questions go away, they just go elsewhere. This isn’t meant to terrify you! it’s meant to (strongly!) encourage you to be the one to have the conversations with your kids.

Oh and It’s not just about ‘having the talk’. It’s definitely not a one-off lecture. It’s about building the habit of listening to each other and sharing thoughts and opinions, about negotiating and compromising.

When your kids feel they can come to you about anything and you’ll listen with respect and answer to the best of your ability, just  watch, they’ll stay close and come to you more often. 


What’s not to celebrate about that?!